Week of Mexico at #MLNS Restaurant – EXPO 2016 Antalya

From 12 to 18 September MLNS restaurant hosted the week of Mexico. During this week we offered to the visitors a special Mexican Menu presented by the well-known Mexican Chef Juan Miguel Prada.

Some of the specialities offerred to the guests were:

  • Yucatan stile chicken,
  • Chipotle Mexican Fideua,
  • Mole Poblano with chicken breast and white rice,
  • beef meatballs with chipotle sauce,
  • lamb with “borracha” sauce,
  • ham and cheese quesadillas,
  • chicken and lamb burritos,
  • lamb tacos and guacamole

On September 16th MLNS host the Mexican National Day. The Ambassador or Mexico H.E. Martha Barcena summoned the event with the participation of the Commissioner General of Expo 2016 Mr. Erdoğan Kök and other Expo authorities and Mexican representatives.

The Ambassador opened the photographic exhibition “Oaxaca: Land of Immortal Gods” at the #MLNS Restaurant. The exhibition will remain at MLNS till Expo’s closure.

At the ceremony there was a performance by “Mariachis” and a show of Traditional Mexican dances and costumes by the recognized dancer Camilo Garcia Bernabe. Mexican dance classes were offered for two more weeks for the visitors who showed a great interest.


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