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The present website, property of World Expo Commissioners Club Association,  uses cookies and similar technologies. The present note informs on the use of cookies and how they can be controlled by the user.

The use of this website (  and of any other site under our management) implies acceptance by the user  of the use of cookies (and of similar technologies) according to the present regulation.

What are cookies and what are they for?

Our website uses cookies in order to distinguish between different users connected to the site. This helps us grant the user a better navigation experience and allows us to continually improve our website. Follow the istructions in this page to modify the cookies settings

Cookies are small files including letters and numbers, they are downloaded on the user’s computer or mobile device whenever a website is visited. They contain information about that are saved on the user’s computer hard disk and are sent by the user’s browser to a web server. Cookies are then re-sent to the original site at every following access, or to another website which recognizes these cookies.

Cookies are useful, because they allow us to recognize the user’s device and allow us to know which services and sites are accessed, and the options chosen during the navigation.

Our website uses the following cookies:

  1. Website Essential Cookies.These cookies are fundamental for a proper functioning of our website.
  2. Analytic Cookies. These cookies are used only to collect aggregate information on the number of users that visit the website and on how they operate. This allows us to improve our website functioning , to grant the user an easier access to what they are looking for.


  1. Functionality Cookie. They allow us to recognize the user when he returns to our website and  let the user navigate according to a set of selected criteria (for example, language or previously utilized services).


  1. Profiling Cookie. These cookies record the user’s access to our website, the pages opened and the links followed. They are meant to create profiles related to the user in order to send advertising messages related to all preferences shown by the user during navigation. Third parties might use this information. These cookies can be used to this end only with the user’s consent.



How cookies are used by our website.

The following table sums up the ways in which this website and third parties utilize cookies.


Website Essential Cookies (session and navigation) These cookies are essential for a proper navigation and to use all the website’s functions. These cookies do not collect personal information for marketing purposes, nor do they memorize the visited websites. These cookies are not permanently memorized on the user’s device and automatically eliminated on closing the browser. The use of essential cookies is stricly limited to the trasmission of session identifying data (made of casual numbers) necessary to allow a safe and efficient site navigation. This type of cookies cannot be deactivated.
Direct Functionality Cookies These cookies allow us to remember the user’s choices (like the username, the language or the geographic position) and provide enhanced and personalized functions. The information collected by these cookies can be made anonimous and do not keep track of navigation in other websites. This type of cookies cannot be deactivated.
Analytic Cookies and Third Parties Advertisement These cookies, also called “cache cookies”, are programmed by Google Analytics and are used to collect information on the ways in which the users utilize the website, including the number of visitors, the sites of origin, and the pages visited on our website. We use this information for reports, and to improve our website; this allows us, for example, to know possible mistakes found by users and to grant an efficient navigation, , to find easily what they are looking for. In general, these cookies stay on the user’s computer  until they are cancelled.

Third parties may use this information, together with other already in their possession, for different and not merely technical ends (functionality or session), with the user’s consent. For further information, please visit the privacy policy links of third parties, and set your options following the links in the column on the right, and /or set your browser as hereunder described.

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How to control or eliminate cookies

If you choose to refuse cookies, you may not be able to use all the website’s finctions.

The user can block cookies by deactivating the browser setting which allows websites to save and read the cookies’ data.

If you want to delete, deactivate or reactivate cookies on your computer, you can use the pages for cookies configuration provided by third parties or through your browser’s options.

Here is a list of instructions to control cookies according to the most common browsers:


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