Club History

Between 2013 and 2014, as structural building work for Expo Milano 2015 progresses, there were initiatives underway which contributed to the success of Milano Expo, making it another excellent example not just of “made in Italy”, but also an example of “Italian hospitality” – welcoming visitors and international partners and making them feel very much at home.

Within the realm of “Italian hospitality” and with an understanding that countries and commissioners needed more tools to help them interact among each other, a group of diplomats, institutional officials and entrepreneurs from all over the world launched the World Expo Commissioners Club. The first club locations opened in the heart of Milan.

The idea immediately gathered the support of private companies, sponsors, institutions, local authorities, as well as the representatives of the countries involved in future Expos.

Within a few months the majority of commissioners and participating countries to Expo Milano 2015 joined the World Expo Commissioners Club, bringing extraordinary innovation to the Expo world.

The first location of the World Expo Commissioners Club is in Milan, in Piazza Duomo 21, overlooking Piazza Duomo and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Given its excellence and central position, this location represents a metaphor for the role that the World Expo Commissioners Club had for Expo Milano 2015, Expo Antalya 2016, Expo Astana 2017 and Expo Dubai 2020 as well as for future ones.

James Chiang, the Father of Expo

In February 2014, among the World Expo Commissioners Club enthusiasts, James Chiang - who has been nominated the Father of Expo after the World Expo of Shanghai 2010 - joins the Club, bringing to it honor and experience.

James Chiang is an extraordinary Chinese-American citizen who has been a protagonist of the US-China last century’s relations as well as of the evolution of the global international business and governmental affairs.


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