African for Poland 2022 – September 3rd 2017 (9/5/2017) - On September 3rd at the WECC business lounge has been organized the interactive session focused on the official presentation of Expo 2022 Lødz (Poland) to the African Continent. Event started welcome speech of Mr.Mucahit SENGUL (Secretary General of WECC)Than Poland Commissioner Mr. Andrzej Stefanski and Mr. Kamil Kulesza (The city of Lodz Expo Project Department) […]
Ceremonial reception on the occasion of Vatican Day took place in WECC – September 2nd 2017 (9/5/2017) - The National Day of the Holy See was held on September 2nd at Expo 2017. In the official part of the event, the speakers were the Chairman of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Head of the Secretariat of the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev and […]
AIPH Day – August 29th 2017 (9/5/2017) - On August 29th the WECC business lounge hosted Mr. Tim Briercliffe – General Secretary AIPH (International Association of Horticultural Producers). Mr.Mucahit SENGUL Secretary General of WECC(Ex Dpty.Secretary General of Expo 2016 Antalya) presented final report of Expo 2016 Antalya and Mr. Tim Briercliffe ,The Secretary Of AIPH presented the Association to the Expo Commissioners and […]
Afghanistan National Day – August 19th 2017 (9/1/2017) - The gala dinner in honor of Afghanistan day was held at the WECC lounge on August 19th. The dinner was opened by the speech of the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to the Republic of Kazakhstan, Qadam Shah Shahim. Throughout the evening the guests were entertained by the live national Afghan music: some […]
Official presentation of Łodz Expo 2022 – August 16th 2017 (9/1/2017) - The Poland city of Lodz held a presentation for the commissars of the countries participating in EXPO in Astana as an official candidate for the right to hold the International Specialized Exhibition EXPO 2022. Slogan ŁÓDŹ-2022 – “City Re-invented”, expresses the main idea of EXPO 2022 – the revival and restoration of cities. Łodz is […]
WECC has become a platform for discussing the investment climate of the African countries and the RK – August 15th 2017 (9/1/2017) - The WECC Business Lounge hosted an interactive session on the business opportunities of the African countries and Kazakhstan. The discussions were conducted on a wide range of topics: youth policy, investment opportunities, culture and tourism attractiveness, power industry. Speakers presented the most successful commercial projects and gave examples of effective state support programs and measures […]
Turkish National Day – August 10th 2017 (9/1/2017) - Turkey Day started with a festive concert on the National Day Scene and succeeded by a colorful solemn procession through the exhibition grounds. People in the procession were dressed in national costumes of various historical eras. In the evening, the participants of the EXPO were invited to a festive reception with traditional Turkish cuisine, which […]
Chile National Day – August 3rd 2017 (9/1/2017) - On August 3rd, the Republic of Chile celebrated its national day at EXPO 2017. As a part of the celebration program the country represented it’s opportunities on business development and investment activity. Presentation took place on the business site of the Club of Commissioners and attracted the attention of a wide audience. Chile is the […]
The African Women’s Day was celebrated for the first time in Kazakhstan at the WECC business site – July 31st 2017 (9/1/2017) - On July 31st it was celebrated the day of African women in Kazakhstan for the first time on the initiative of the Ambassador of Angola and with the support of the Embassy of South Africa, the commissioners of the African section and the WECC within the framework of the International Exhibition EXPO 2017. During the […]
Angola Investments – July 28th 2017 (9/1/2017) - On July 28th, a presentation of Angola’s investment projects in the field of energy efficiency took place in the WECC conference hall. Improving the quality, reliability and availability of energy supply is one of the key factors in the growth and development of the Angolan economy. The attraction of investments in the energy sector will […]


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