WECC introduces itself in Brussels

WECC introduces itself in Brussels, during the semester of the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union

The World EXPO Commissioners Club, a network supporting EXPO founded in Milan on 2 April last, made its international début in front of a large audience of personalities from around the world.

On November 13th, the WECC was the promoter, together with the Italian Embassy in Brussels, of the Conference “EXPO MILANO 2015, A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY TO PROMOTE BUSINESS AND GROWTH” in which there were a succession of speeches from illustrious members of the Government and prominent international figures, including the numerous General Commissioners of Expo Milano 2015.

The proceedings were opened by the Italian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium, Alfredo Bastianelli, followed by James J. Higgins, representing the US Department of State for Agriculture, by the speech from Ye Bin, senior member of the Chinese Council for the Promotion of International Trade and by Expo representatives from Burundi and Brazil.

Also of great interest was the speech by Alessandro Rosso, Chairman of WECC and Deputy Commissioner General of Sierra Leone for EXPO Milano 2015 who took the floor to illustrate to the audience the reasons and objectives of WECC.

“WECC’s proposal is to develop a dynamic platform that simplifies the decision-making process of EXPO. EXPO’s themes are linked to the major global challenges faced by mankind: the EXPO in Shanghai was focused on the city and the increase in urbanisation, that of Milan will address nutrition and sustainability and Dubai will be dedicated to the future of the world through the use of new technologies. All this requires adequate tools to support and facilitate the decision-making process in both the public and private sector.”

WECC, starting from EXPO 2015 and for subsequent Universal Expositions, will have the task of providing fundamental support to all relationships between organisers, institutions, businesses and end users, in order to facilitate the implementation and success of events of worldwide significance.

In addition, WECC representatives, at the close of the important seminar “FOOD SAFETY AND QUALITY TOWARDS EXPO 2015”, were among the guests of the Gala Dinner organised by the Italian Ambassador, Alfredo Bastianelli, at the Italian Embassy in Brussels.


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