ANVE – Associazione Nazionale Vivaisti Esportatori (National Association of Exporters Nurserymen), is the national association of nursery-gardening entrepreneurs operating at Italian and international level. ANVE, aware of the strategic importance of exporting, is not only directed to Exporters Nurserymen, but operates to protect the interests of all Italian nurserymen. ANVE offers support and protection services and is an efficient representative instrument of Italian companies for dialogue with national and foreign institutions.

The association was established thanks to the operators of the sector interested in having access to more specific information and aimed at their activity and participate in  consultancy roundtables, both in Europe and out of EU boundaries.

Who joins ANVE

Active members and Supporting members join ANVE. This way it is possible to guarantee maximum national representation thanks to direct contact with local realities. ANVE is composed of the General Assembly, Board of Directors that includes the President and Councillors, all coming from the main Italian nursery-gardening regions, and Board of Auditors.

The President’s Staff includes the General Secretary Office and Marketing and Communication coordination with which it is possible to discuss and develop institutional and promotional activities to help companies.

ANVE means:

  • Having your needs and those of the nursery-gardening sector represented before the political, administration, union, and social Institutions;
  • Facing work, environmental, and safety problems;
  • Adopting local, national, and communitarian incentivization opportunities;
  • Developing relations with credit institutions;
  • Extending the market to foreign countries;
  • Being constantly and promptly updated and finding any useful sector document or information;
  • Being protagonist of various association projects;
  • Participating in updating meetings on sector problems;
  • Creating a Network among entrepreneurs favouring the aggregation on common projects, interchange of ideas, information, and experiences.
  • Participating in sector fairs;
  • Being able to use exclusive services dedicated to the nursery-gardening sector at convenient conditions.



ANVE offers its members a variety of services aimed at facilitating the daily execution of their entrepreneurial activity.

  • Continuous updating assistance regarding phytosanitary and customs aspects;
  • Promotional activity on European and Extra-European markets;
  • Monitoring and assistance in public funding for companies;
  • Access to credit;
  • Legal Consultancy;
  • Tax Consultancy;
  • Natural disaster Insurance;
  • Export Credit Insurance;
  • Machinery, systems, and structures Insurance;
  • Companies energy efficiency;
  • Processing environmental certifications;
  • Translation and interpreting; oHardware and software development and assistance ;
  • Internationalization of companies;
  • Credit recovery;
  • Consultancy of ornamental plants agronomical and botanical information sheets;

Institutional Representation

ANVE collaborates with the main Italian administrations and participates in ministerial roundtables to contribute to the improvement of the sector policies. Specifically it is member of the Technical Roundtable of the nursery-gardening sector established by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies that defines the multiyear guidelines of the Piano Nazionale del Settore Florovivaistico (National Plan of the Nursery-gardening Sector); at the MIPAAF (Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies) it is also present in the Coordination Committee and Work Groups dedicated to Communication, Phytosanitary products, Logistics, Quality, Certification, and Research.

ANVE collaborates with the Ministry of Economic Development as point of reference for the nursery-gardening sector and, with it, develop companies’ internationalization projects. Within ENA (European Nursery Association) and AIPH (International Association of Horticoltural Producers) ANVE permanently participates in the international activities of legislation, promotion, comunication.


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