German Garden Opening

On 18th June 2016 the Consul of Germany in Antalya and Commissioner General of Section, Mr. Martin Vetter, invited to the official opening of the German Garden in EXPO 2016 Antalya. Together with Mr. Robert Dölger, Attaché of the Germany Embassy in Ankara, Mr. Fırat Işık, Secretary-General of EXPO 2016 and Mrs Isabel Besemer, Director of the German Garden, he cut the ribbon as symbol of the official opening of the German Garden.

The motto of the German Garden is “Future plants – the innovation potential of renewable raw materials”, which perfectly matches the general theme of EXPO Antalya, “Flowers and Children – a greener life for future generations”.

As The German Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Christian Schmidt explained, Germany is now at the forefront of the use of renewable row materials and of bioeconomy. The goal of the German project is to use EXPO as an international platform to promote a worldwide change in economies, and to advertise an efficient and sustainable use of renewable materials.

Both, professionals and visitors walking through the German Garden exhibition will have the chance to understand the various possibilities offered by renewable raw materials, so that their use can become part of our everyday life in the future.

A corner of the exhibition is indeed dedicated to this subject: A tangible example of a completely “renewable office” is displayed, in order to let people understand that a sustainable life on Earth is already possible.

Another area of life that shows the variety of renewable resources shown in the German Garden is the kid’s zone: giant Lego bricks made of bio plastic, as well as the so-called “PlayMais”, fire the children’s imagination by using eco-friendly materials.

Source: German Garden Director


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