La Martina Event For Expo 2015 At The Flagship Store In Milan

Success Of Style And Culture Beyond The Field

Milan, 9 September 2015 – Yesterday, the event held to present the activities of La Martina for EXPO 2015 was a big success. The event, organised at the flagship store in Via Verri 4, hosted the main representatives of the Delegations of various countries, including the Consul of Argentina, Luciano Tanto Clement, Nausika Spahia, WECC Deputy Chairman, the Consul of Ireland, Olga Clausen, the Consul of Slovenia, Gianvico Camesasca, the President of the SE Asia Chamber of Commerce, Riccardo Federico Rocca, the Commissioner of Kazakhstan, Anuarbek Mussin, the Commissioner General of Mexico, Ricardo Ampudia, the Deputy Commissioner of Hungary, Csenga Papp, the Commissioner of Romania, Georgian Ghervasie, and the Deputy Consul UK, Sarah Everett.

Also present were representatives of Austria, Montenegro, San Marino, Spain and Uganda. The evening was also attended by personalities of the city and of Expo, including Alvise De Sanctis, Expo Coordinator in the City, Antonio Cenini, Delegate for Intercompany Relations of the European Union and Fabrizio Sala, Expo Councillor, as well as by many more.

Special guest was Javier Zanetti with his P.U.P.I. Non-Profit Foundation committed to creating a space dedicated to children of a particularly poor area of Argentina. The former Inter captain, Argentinian as the La Martina brand, attended with his wife Paula, willingly allowing himself to be photographed and embraced by fans and admirers.

With this cycle of events dedicated to Expo and open to the main representatives of foreign Delegations, La Martina aims to create an easier and more direct cultural exchange among countries with the same spirit that reigns on polo fields. “A polo handicap is a passport to the world”, as Winston Churchill used to say. Polo, in fact, enables networking. It brings different worlds closer and, like its simple and intuitive rules, activates a common, spontaneous, authentic and ethical language.

Thus La Martina celebrated its membership of the WECC (World Expo Commissioners Club), transforming the Milan flagship store into the “elite club” of Expo to help unite the city with the International Exposition and its protagonists. The La Martina flagship store, whose warm and comfortable atmosphere is reminiscent of the Club House style, thus became a privileged meeting place of representatives from the world of culture, sports, finance and business.

Welcoming the guests was CEO of LM Europe SA, Enrico Roselli, who commented:
“I am particularly pleased for the success of the evening and the presence of the special guests who accepted our invitation and whom I thank for coming. Thanks to Expo, we are confident that our brand can develop new avenues of great value at the international level”.

The La Martina events in the context of Expo, inaugurated on 25 August last with an evening dedicated to the Chinese Delegation, will continue in September and October with other countries participating in Expo, including the United Kingdom, Slovakia, Kazakhstan and Mexico.

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