WECC seals and important Agreement with Kazakh Invest at Expo 2017 Astana

An agreement between WECC and Kazakh Invest was sealed on the occasion of the press conference dated June 11th, 2017 in Astana. This marks an important step which enables Companies from all over the world, represented in Astana by the Commissioners of the Pavilions of the participating Countries, to develop business and synergies with Kazakhstan.

WECC has strong relationships with Commissioners of more than 120 Countries worldwide besides a network of extensive international contacts in both public and private sector. The Club has over 1000 members with headquarters in Milano, Shanghai, Antalya and Astana.

Kazakh Invest is a national company which provides support for industrial and innovative activities and helps attract investments in the Kazakhstani economy.

Focus of this Agreement is directed at the development of the following sectors: ferrous/non ferrous metallurgy, oil refining, petrochemical industry, food production, production of motor vehicles and its parts, production of agricultural equipment, electrical machinery, railway engineering, mining industry and construction material.

Local and International Press and Tv attended the Press Conference
Speakers :

  • MAXAT KABASHWEV: Executive Chairman, Kazakh Invest
  • ALESSANDRO ROSSO: President, World Expo Commissioners Club
  • WANG HUI: Vice President – Asia, World Expo Commissioners Club
  • ELAZAR COHEN: Israel Commissioner Expo 2017 Astana
  • JACOPO STECCHINI: International Director, 3rd Floor

Stefano Ravagnan, the Italian Ambassador to Kazakhstan, was also present.

“This deal with Kazakh Invest is an example of how strategic WECC can be in creating commercial synergy and in helping to extend networking in international relations” stated the President of WECC” Alessandro Rosso.

Expo 2017 Astana is an International Expo which is taking place from June 10th to September 10th in Astana, Kazakhstan. “Future Energy” is the theme of this International Expo dedicated to the production of sustainable energy, referring specifically to the environment and renewable energy. This is the first time that a central Asian country has hosted such an event with more than 80 countries participating and an estimated 5 million visitors expected over the three months.

With Alessandro Rosso Group as a founding member, WECC is in Astana to continue its mission, started at Expo Milano 2015, to encourage networking and collaboration between Commissioners, Pavilion Directors, Institutions and Companies. WECC’s new seat is a space of about 450m2 situated in a key location within the exhibition area. This space, equipped with the latest technology, has meeting rooms, a lounge and exhibition areas and is available to Club Members for B2B and B2G meetings and events.




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